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About Us

We provide clever merchandising shelving systems for stores to increase sales, improve effiency and reducing cost and waste.

Our Story

We are the personal development company that has innovation closest to our hearts. Based in Bräcke, in the north of Sweden we are resilient and since 2005 we have been working with the development of our clever merchandising shelving systems.

Today the company has a product base of three patented products that reduces the time-consuming refilling and fronting of store and cooling shelves to a minimum. Our solid experience in the industry is a safeguard and a quality guarantee and well established cooperation’s with the leading beverage companies and cooling manufacturers is to be considered a stamp of approval from the market.

We are aiming to lead the development of smart first in – first out shelf solutions suitable for convenience, and grocery stores worldwide.

Breaking new ground is never easy and as Henry Ford once said:

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.

– Henry Ford

Our group of companies

EasyFill group consitst of the below companies

  • EasyFill AB (publ.) Mother company. Listed on Spotlight stock exchange in Stockholm, Sweden
  • EasyFill GmbH. 100% owned sales company based in Cologne, Germany
  • EasyFill Southern Africa. 50/50 Joint venture based in Cap town, South Africa
  • EasyFill America. 50/50 Joint venture based in Fort Worth, Texas, USA
  • Enjoy Group AB, 100% owned. Trading of beverage cabinet coolers in the Nordic countries
  • Ebeco AS. 100% owned. Sales company of car trailers in Norway
  • Ebeco SRO. 100% owned. Development and production of EasyFill products and Ebeco car trailers

Our ambition

We aim to reduce waste caused by Out Of Date products by minimum 10% in the markets we are active in.
A part of this is the initiative “…for a healthier planet”:

An initiative to reduce food waste in stores aimed at the supermarket industry and its suppliers.
The idea is that all companies in the industry join forces and work towards reduction of food waste and fund an initiative that support the people in the world that are starving.

In return the companies get the right to be added to the list of supporters, use a specific logo and mentioned as a sustainable/responsible company.

From EasyFill we will also support brands and store chains with a discounts on our FIFO shelving if they join forces with us to fight wood waste from stores.

Our Vision

Today it is almost impossible to go into a store in Sweden and find a beverage cabinet without RotoShelf. In that category, EasyFill merchandising solutions is to be considered standard.   Our vision is to is to repeat that success story in country after country, product category after product category, setting new standards.

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