Versatile Multideck display case replacement!
Slim ColdFront using RotoShelf 900 sektions

Slim ColdFront using RotoShelf 900 sektions

The concept

ColdFront is a cost efficient replacement for regular multideck display cases. Equipped with doors it is highly energy efficient and thanks to the use of the RotoShelf shelving system, refilling time of goods is cut by half and as products are always filled First in – First Out, waste by expired products is also reduced. Gravity feed plastic shelves provides a full product front that increase sales and makes an attractive product display for the consumer.

As a multideck replacement the ColdFront can be fitted with remote, or plug-in cooling systems. Thanks to the rotation of the shelving service access is extremely simple.

ColdFront is available in different widths; built to fit RotoShelf 90 sections. Please see Details and technical below.

The number of shelves that can be used is flexible depending on the shelving system selected and the products placed on the shelves.

Combine the ColdFront with RotoShelf to maximise product stocking efficiency

Details and technical

ColdFront measurements

The ColdFront units comes flatpacked and are easy to transport and set up for installation in the store.
The panels are 75 mm thick and are foam insualted.



Comes flat-packed.
— Easy to transport and easy to build up in the store
Energy efficient.
— By using doors and LED lighting the energy consumption is reduced
Offers an unpresidented product display.
— The full height is used to display products