Reduce the expired products by more than 40% and increase your sales!

Using our products reduces the waste caused by expired products, saves time spent on refilling and fronting in your store. The staff can sell instead of moving goods around on the shelves. Also, you can benefit from increased sales thanks to always fronted products and reduced costs thanks to less out of date products.

Our solutions give you and your staff the advantage of first in - first out without cold storage, without time consuming moving of goods, and all without hassle.

Our aim is not to replace your current cooler or store shelf supplier, but to offer an innovative, sales increasing, time and cost saving solution to the market, in close cooperation with some of the major manufacturers in the world. However, if you wish, we can supply rotating shelf solution to open front cooler, cabinet coolers that are already in your stores, as well as replacement store shelves, directly to you without going through any manufacturer.

We have shelf solutions for almost any shelved products in a store; eg, beverages (various bottle sizes), dairy, juices, cans, jars, bagged goods, tea, coffee etc. To always make certain that the sliding function is working; we have roller tracks to be used for products that have high amounts of friction. Also different kinds of dividers and front stoppers are availible.

For multideck display cases we have solutions for both the American standard width as well as the European, and they are suitable for both plug-in and central cooling units. One well known supermarket chains understands the impact our solutions can make, and are implementing our products in all of their stores. The potential waste reduction and cost savings are huge as you can see at the in the attached PDF.

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