A competitive and rotating addition to your cooler line.

As a cooler manufacturer, are you interested in knowing more? Below you will find information regarding of our market changing shelf systems – regardless if your cooler come equipped with doors or not.

We are looking for cooperation and partnerships and we are offering an addition to your product – something that could give you a competitive advantage.

We have shelf solutions for beverage (various bottle sizes), dairy as well as juices. To always make certain that the sliding function is working; we have roller tracks to be used for products that have high amounts of friction. Also different kinds of dividers and front stoppers are available.

Our solutions are suitable for both the American standard width, as well as the European, and they fit both plug-in and central cooling units. For open front cases our solutions give the customer the advantage of First in – First Out without having cold storage behind the case.

Our rotating shelves are depending on a sufficient depth in order to give the best performance and capacity. Narrow depth is often less suitable, but the internal depth/width-ratio is the decisive factor. In order to make sure the display case or cabinet cooler is suitable and to know all internal measurements; Width, depth, height and location of fan(s), compressor, and lights, we need to see 3D drawings to see what we can and cannot do. If we see that it works we prefer to get a physical case to our R&D to make on-hand checks and ensure the best possible quality and fitment.

Business model: The plastic shelf is always provided from us as a quality guarantee and at an initial stage we also provide the support frame. However, we always use open calculations where you can see our actual production costs and if you see that you can build the frames cheaper, we can and will provide you with drawings. Our business model is built on generating volumes; therefore we aim to always get the lowest cost possible.

We are looking forward to a mutually beneficiary partnership!


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