RotoShelf® for Cold rooms

FIFO merchandising system for shallow cold rooms!

Cold rooms

Get FIFO in cold rooms without storage behind!

Same clever functions as all RotoShelf products!
Using the RotoShelf merchanding system in cold rooms offers FIFO filling without "wasting" valuable floor space for storage.
This merchandising system replaces standard shelves and uses rotation of the whole shelf section to give access to the back of the shelves for filling products.

RotoShelf is highly suitable for Beverage, juice and various dairy products.

The system is easy to retrofit and gives an outstanding product display as well as easy service access.

Flexible shelf configuration.
Shelves can be adjusted in 17mm steps and since filling is done from the back of the shelves the space between shelves can be set to a minimum.

We offer solutions for ESL pricing as well as paper price labels.

Standard is a plastic label for paper price tags

Two different sizes, three different heights

● RotoShelf CR 700 fits behind standard 66cm wide doors
● RotoShelf CR 900 fits behind standard 76cm wide doors
● Both versions are available in three different height to suit a majority of cold rooms in the market

Setting shelf height using a simple allen key tool

Images of installs in the market

RotoShelf CR 900 beverage


Just a full front of products


Easy and quick to restock




RotoShelf CR 700



Shallow cold room for dairy



These are some of the many benefits RotoShelf® provides the user

~40% reduction in food waste

Tests show that for certain product categories (dairy) food waste by Out-Of-Date products is reduced by around 40%

15-20% Sales uplift

Thanks to the use of gravity feed the products
are always fronted and this gives a significant
sales uplift compared to standard flat shelves

>50% reduced refilling times

Thanks to filling from the back of the shelves, the
time spent for refilling is cut by half - or even more!

Improved customer satisfaction

Always a cold product for the customer and a
perfect product overview

Shelf information

Below you can find information on the shelves that we offer for RotoShelf for cold rooms

RotoShelf CR 700 uses the Universal 70 shelf For the RotoShelf CR 900 the is the option to chose either Universal 90 shelf with flexible dividers or the Beverage 60 shelf with fixed dividers

Universal 70

Universal 90

Beverage 90


Below the accessories used for the various shelves


Transparent frontstoppers for universal shelves

Available in 54, 94, and 145 mm height

Product dividers for universal shelves

Adjustable product dividers for universal shelves

Roller tracks

rollers for products with high friction

Divider extender

Divider extender for high, unstable products

Transparent frontstoppers for Beverage shelves

Butterfly shape to stop bottles when gliding

ESL price adapter

Small plastic adapter that is put over the edge of the shelf
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