Proof of Concept Handbook

This document describes a typical Proof of Concept project. It connects the dots between other documents (described below) and the process for a successful project. By reading this handbook you will hopefully get an overview of what will happen and what is needed.
The handbook describes the different phases of the project and the most vital activities. In the Time Plan excel document you will find the same phases and activities.

Project Outline Template

Template for the Project Outline. When completed, it contains background, purpose, definition of a successful test and the next step after the proof of concept. This document should be signed by the participant parties to show that there is a common understanding of the intention of the project.

Time Plan and Contacts Template

Template for the Time Plan. A working document (excel) containing the time plan, responsibilities, and status of the project. This document should be kept up to date.
On the Contacts tab, keep an updated list of relevant contact information.
Feel free to add additional tabs with notes and information that should be accessible thoughout the project.

EasyFill Planogram Guide

The planogram guide contains measurements needed by the planogram management, a description of different sliding aids, and general guidelines on how to plan for the turning shelves.

EasyFill Sliding Index

The EasyFill Sliding Index is a document containing a variety of product/package categories, describing their sliding performance and what sliding aids could be used. For a proof of concept it is strongly recommended to select an area with a majority of category A and category B products according to the Sliding Index.