Cost and energy efficient Multideck alternative!

Same footprint, more space!

Equipped with doors the ColdFront is highly energy efficient, uncomplicated, and thanks to the use of the clever TurnLoader FIFO merchandising system, refilling time of products is cut by at least half and food waste reduced by around 40%.

The use of TurnLoader FIFO shelving makes it a merchandising machine!
TurnLoader is highly suitable for virtualy all chilled goods; Dairy, Yoghurt, meat, juices, beverages etc.

ColdFront is built up with insulated panels that comes flat packed on pallets.

We use industry leading panels, highest quality doors (Schott Thermofrost) and cooling from Daikin (cooling on request).

Thanks to the fact that it comes flat packed we had no problems with getting the ColdFront through the door as would be the case with a normal multideck. Thanks to the size we get an additional shelf in per section!

German fuel station owner


Learn about the TurnLoader FIFO merchandising system here

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Benefits of ColdFront

These are some of the advantages ColdFront has compared to traditional Multideck cases

Easy to install

The panels comes flat packed on pallets, easy to get inside a store and assemble

Energy efficient

The insulated panels are energy saving and the use of LED lighting and tailormade cooling optimizes energy consumption

TurnLoader FIFO shelving system

Using FIFO merchandising shelving comes with its own set of benefits; waste and labour reduction, sales increase to name a few