RotoShelf® Multideck

Easy as One, Two, Three

Rotate the section 180° – Fill from the back – Rotate the section back

RotoShelf for Multidecks can be retrofitted in cabinets already in market or provided as “first-fit” in new cabinets or even as an OEM integrated solution directly from the cabinet producer. RotoShelf is currently available for European standard cabinet section widths, and is combined for longer sections; Standard section width: 1250mm and 1875mm sections. For imperial sizes please contact us for your needs!

Available as:

  • 1250mm sections; 1250, 2500, 3750, 5000 etc
  • 1875mm sections; usually end cap sections

Flexible shelf hight adjustment

By having individually adjustable shelves it is possible to deal with products of different heights in the same shelf section. This gives the possibility to add shelves to the sections and subsequently add facings and products in the cabinet. One, extreme, example is an install made in Finland where it was possible to add 200 facings to an almost 15 m multideck cabinet. See below.

OEM and reseller partnerships

We cooperate with leading cabinet producers such as Arneg, Carrier, Exkal, Viessmann, KMW, and Hauser. We also have a reseller network to support various markets.


These are some of the many benefits RotoShelf® provides the user

15-20% Sales uplift

Thanks to the use of gravity feed the products are always fronted and this gives a significant sales uplift compared to standard flat shelves

~40% reduction in food waste

Tests show that for certain product categories (dairy) food waste by Out-Of-Date products is reduced by around 40%

>50% reduced refilling times

Thanks to filling from the back of the shelves, the time spent for refilling is cut by half - or even more!

Improved customer satisfaction

Always a cold product for the customer and a perfect product overview

Shelf information

Below you can find information on the shelves that we offer for RotoShelf for Multidecks

For Multidecks we use the Universal 70 shelf that have adjustable product dividers, transparent frontstopper and the possibility to use our own roller track.


Below the accessories used for the shelves

Product documentation

Download material here

Type View / Download
Business case dairy PDF Download Business case from a 26 week long market test. Exceptional results!
RotoShelf MD 1250/2 installation manual PDF View RotoShelf MD 1250/2 installation manual
Product leaflet 1250/2 PDF Download RotoShelf MD 1250 product leaflet
Product leaflet 1875/3 PDF Download RotoShelf MD 1875 product leaflet
Technical folder PDF Download A collection of technical information
EasyFill product folder PDF View A summary of the EasyFill products.
Measurement guide PDF View Multideck measurement guide