A revolutionizing way to refill store shelves!

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The function

This innovative shelf solution will revolutionize the grocery store industry. Swing the whole section out much like a door to access the back of the shelves for refilling. To have a fast and easy “First in – First out” solution in the store has not been seen before and the advantages are obvious:

- Always First in – First Out, less waste caused by out-of-date products = Reduced costs

- Always fronted products, better product display and less labor needed = Increased customer satisfaction and boosted sales

Video showing the SwingOut function

Reduce cost of waste.
— Always using first in–first out reduces waste caused by out-of-date products
Save labor costs.
— Up to 70% reduced refilling time
Increase sales.
— Gravity feed shelves ensure a full product front

These are just some of the advantages with our clever and efficient SwingOut shelving systems!