SwingOut Ambient

The function

As simple as the name indicates this solution swings out just like a hinged door and is just as easy to operate. This gives access to the back of the shelf rack and makes all shelves available for refilling.

This First in – First out solution has gravity feed shelves in plastic just like all EasyFill products and by having shelves at an angle we get an automatic fronting function that saves a lot of time – time that can be better spent than filling and fronting products!

SwingOut function

Sliding shelves for a multitude of products

Rollers for products that doesn't glide

Canned products

Canned products

A happy guy!

A happy guy!

The Shelf

The shelf used in SwingOut Ambient is our Universal 620 Plastic shelf.

Optional, flexible, use of roller tracks is possible. Rollers can be individually placed over the shelf area and often only part of the shelf needs to have rollers.

Our flexible product dividers (one every 7 mm (0.27 in) are easily placed and replaced depending on the products placed on the shelves.

The dividers and roller tracks have break zones for length adjustment

No extra floor space needed for filling!

Fill the shelves without blocking the shelves for the customer. This means that filling is possible during the daytime without interfereing with customers shopping at the same time.


As the section is in refill position the space behind is available for cleaing. The plastic shelves can easily be taken out for cleaning without the use of tools

The shelves are adjustable in 0, 4, 8, 12,5 degrees angle without the use of tools. Also tool-free height adjustment is standard.

Reduce cost of waste.
— Always using first in–first out reduces waste caused by out-of-date products
Save labor costs.
— Up to 70% reduced refilling time
Increase sales.
— Gravity feed shelves ensure a full product front