EasyFill Open Webinars

We present the turnings shelves from EasyFill and the benefits of using the First In, First Out principle in a store.

Invest in your employees and remove the unnecessary parts of the tiresome replenishment work. Reduce food waste and gain more sales through constant fronted products.

After the webinar you will know what options you have regarding turning shelves for both cold and ambient parts of a store, what the investment is and how fast the typical ROI is.

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Monday, August 19th, 14:00 CET
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About EasyFill

EasyFill AB is a Swedish listed company that uses Swedish patented innovations to increase sales, decrease labor and reduce food waste in grocery stores around the world.

EasyFill is an innovation-driven company with a main focus on developing products that simplify the handling of goods in stores and restaurants. All products the company manufactures and sells are patented in the major markets in the world. Sales take place through the company’s own companies, through retailers and together with manufacturers of soft drink refrigerators and refrigerator furniture manufacturers who in turn resell their products with EasyFill’s products installed around the world.

EasyFill has been listed on Spotlight Stock Market, Stockholm since May 2007.

Read more on www.easyfill.se.

Or contact us on info@easyfill.se.