MaxLoad 700

Cabinet cooler developed in close cooperation with Spanish cabinet
producer Efficold. ML 700 is tailormade for RotoShelf® 700
FIFO merchandising system.

Efficold MaxLoad 700

RotoShelf® – Scandinavian innovation

RotoShelf is a patented solution for easy product management and improved efficiency when refilling products.

The solution, applying the First in-First out principle, works through a rotating movement.

The entire interior is rotated so that the back of all shelves are available at the same time for stocking products.
The use of gravity feed shelves makes for automatic product fronting.

Video showing the function of RotoShelf® in Efficold MaxLoad cabinets. MaxLoad cabinet series is available as: ML900 ML700 ML705 ML600 (launches in 2021)

Benefits of Efficold ML 700 with RotoShelf®

● Six shelves instead of five as normal
● 8 extra facings (20% increase)
● Capacity: 48 bottles/shelf; 288 pcs 500ml PET bottles/six shelves
● Incredible LED lighting
● Cooling unit placed in the corner to give additional space inside

Cabinet measurements

● Height: 2015 mm (79,3 inches)
● Width: 735 mm (28,9 inches)
● Depth: 732 mm (28,8 inches)

Easy as One, Two, Three;

Rotate the section 180° – Fill from the back – Rotate the section back

Sales position

Refill position

ML 700 technical details

Below are some of the technical details of the RotoShelf® for the ML 700 cabinet

The FA frame allows the shelves to freely adjustable in height. Shelves are fixed
to the frame with a metal bracket and can be adjusted freely in height to be able
to fine-tune for various kinds of bottles and cans. No mechanical parts that can
break. RotoShelf is fixed in the top and bottom. Corner cooling maximizes the
use of available space in the cabinet

FA frame

Top fixing

Bottom rotation point

Corner cooling

Universal 70 shelf

ML 700 uses EasyFill Universal 70 shelf

Injection moulded plastic shelf with build in gliding characteristics

Universal 70



Transparent frontstoppers

54, 113, 143 or 163mm heigh

Roller tracks

Flexible to use individually for products with high friction


Adjustable product dividers for products of various sizes
Advantages of RotoShelf®

These are some of the advantages using RotoShelf® gives

Reduce filling times


Increase sales


Always First in - First out

Always the coldest drink for the consumer

Reduce energy consumption

Doors open less time reduce the energy consumption

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