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Clever, rotating shelving solutions - Reduce out-of-date products while increasing sales!

Many store owners are going for standard shelving because it feel it is cheaper, yet they are not understanding that our systems are not comparable with shelving. Our systems are merchandising systems and not just shelves that hold product. They add value and improve efficiencies in your business and more importantly increase sales.

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RotoShelf merchandising shelving in a beverage cabinet

RotoShelf Cr 900 merchandising shelving in a Cold room

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RotoShelf video and comments from a store owner in Germany

Business case RotoShelf for dairy

How a supermarket chain experience a more than 40% reduction of expired products

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Our vision

Passion is our driver! Easyfill provides your company with clever, rotating shelving solutions, designed for convenience and grocery stores. In around 95 % of the grocery stores in Sweden, our RotoShelf is installed in branded beverage cabinets. Learn more and how our innovative RotoShelf and SwingOut solutions will increase your sales, save time and reduce costs.

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Always First in-First out
— Reduce out-of-date products
Save up to 70% of your time refilling products
— Reduce labor costs
Increase sales
— Always fronted products

These are just some of the advantages with our smart and rotating shelf systems!

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