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We offer clever FIFO merchandising systems for grocery stores, convenience stores and petrol stations world-wide

Always First In - First Out

The merchandising shelving works through a rotating movement. The entire section is rotated so the back of all shelves are available at the same time for stocking products. The use of gravity feed shelves makes for automatic product fronting. RotoShelf® is a patented solution. TurnLoader™ is patent pending


Thanks to increased sales, reduced product filling times and reduced food waste, the ROI is very short.
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Our FIFO merchandising systems reduce food waste - learn more!

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Scandinavian innovation at it’s finest

All products apply the first in-first out principle, and works through a rotating movement. This gives a lot of benefits for brands and stores

Reduce waste

Always using first in–first out reduces waste caused by expired products and contributes to a more sustainable business model

Save labor costs

Up to 70% reduced refilling time

Increase sales

Benefit from a full product front thanks to gravity feed shelves

Quick ROI

Return Of Investment in less than a year!

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By using our merchandising systems - stores reduce food waste up to 50%!!

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