TurnLoader™ for ColdFront

FIFO shelving systems for the ColdFront concept

Turn the section around to access the back for filling

Energy efficient Multideck alternative


Turn the section around to fill


Turn the section around to fill


Turn the section around to fill


Full front


Fill from the back


Energy efficient Multideck alternative


TurnLoader CF 1250/550

The TurnLoader CF 1250/550 is the FIFO merchandising system that is the base for the ColdFront multideck alternative concept.
It is built in 1250mm section width and can be combined to form longer units; 1250, 2500, 3750, 5000mm etc

The shelving unit come as standard with six shelves but depending on products more shelves can be

Popular use is convenience stores and fuel stations.
Read our business case attached below.


These are some of the many benefits TurnLoader provides the user

~40% reduction in food waste

Tests show that for certain product categories (dairy) food waste by Out-Of-Date products is reduced by around 40%

15-20% Sales uplift

Thanks to the use of gravity feed the products
are always fronted and this gives a significant
sales uplift compared to standard flat shelves

>50% reduced refilling times

Thanks to filling from the back of the shelves, the
time spent for refilling is cut by half - or even more!

Improved customer satisfaction

Always a cold product for the customer and a
perfect product overview

Shelf information

Below you can find information on the shelves that we offer for TurnLoader MD for CF 1250/550

We use our injection moulded plastic shelves with built in gliding characteristics as a base for the TurnLoader shelving. We use adjustable product dividers, transparent frontstopper and the possibility to use our own roller tracks and product pushers. We have the posibility to put ESL data strips to our shelves.



Below the accessories used for the shelves


Transparent frontstoppers

54, 113, 143 or 163mm heigh

Product dividers

Adjustable product dividers

Roller tracks

Rollers for products with high friction

Spring pusher

For light packages etc


Divider extender

Divider extender for high, unstable products
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