RotoShelf® for beverage cabinets

RotoShelf® is a patented FIFO merchandising shelving system widely used by global brands in various markets.

RotoShelf® in use in a Frigoglass ICOOL 900 cabinet

Simply rotate the section 180 degrees to access the back of the shelves for restocking products and turn the shelves back to sales position when done.

RotoShelf® is available for cabinets of different size: 60 cm wide 70 cm wide 90 cm wide Leading retailers in the Nordic countries of Europe use beverage cabinets as standard. in ~95% of all food retail stores in Sweden there are RotoShelf® FIFO merchandising shelving


EasyFill cooperate with the major beverage cabinet producers in the industry and our customers are the key brands in the market.
Through-out the years EasyFill have placed more than 25 000
RotoShelf® units in the market.

RotoShelf® images

Frigoglass Icool 900 cabinet


Klimasan S880 cabinet


Multiple cabinets


Full exposure


Nice row


Good cooperation!



These are some of the many benefits RotoShelf® provides the user

15-20% Sales uplift

Thanks to the use of gravity feed the products
are always fronted and this gives a significant
sales uplift compared to standard flat shelves

>50% reduced refilling times

Thanks to filling from the back of the shelves, the
time spent for refilling is cut by half - or even

Improved customer satisfaction

Thanks to the FIFO principle the coldest product
is always closest to the consumer - Always a cold

Energy saving

Since the doors are only open half the time when
filling lots of energy is saved

Very short Return On Investment

The Swedish branch of the worlds largest soft drinks brand made a test to determin how much time was saved by using RotoShelf merchandising system, and the results was staggering!

The table in the PDF below shows the comparison in time using RotoShelf compared to fixed gravity feed shelves. Note: no other factors than labour saving has been taken into account. A merchandiser was asked to fill the cabinet with 50% of the capacity. One kind of beverage only. The guideline was to fill the "correct" way by placing the new bottles in the back so that stock rotation is correct. The test was carried out, organised and measured by the beverage producer. See the result and calculate using your own conditions in the file below. Note: as RotoShelf replaces standard shelves it means that the cabinet
producer can/should reduce the cost of the cabinet with the amount that standard shelves usually cost ~50 euro per cabinet.

Cost saving calculation

See the result from the above mentioned test and use your own numbers to calculate for yourself. Let us know if we can assist!

Click on the images below to open the PDF files:

After opening the document, the reading angle can be changed by hold the right mouse button and slide: