Here you can find initial material related to the new TurnLoader product, suitable for multideck cases, cold rooms/ColdFront and ultimately as Ambient store shelving

Flexible shelving

Thanks to the flexible and adjustable shelves, TurnLoader is highly suitable for almost all chilled products in a store.

Now it is possible for FIFO filling even when double stacking!

Shelves with adjustabel angle as option (0 - 4 - 8 - 12 degrees)

TurnLoader™ in a ColdFront

TurnLoader™ MD 1250/450

TurnLoader™ Ambient

TurnLoader Ambient

TurnLoader MD 1250/450 installed in a REWE store in Cologne, Germany

TurnLoader Multideck case 1250mm

TurnLoader Multideck case 2 x 900mm sections

TurnLoader ColdFront/Cold room

TurnLoader function

TurnLoader Load test

TurnLoader installed in a Multideck case

TurnLoader installed in a Multideck case

TurnLoader turning

TurnLoader turning

TurnLoader fill position

TurnLoader fill position

TurnLoader bottom base

TurnLoader bottom base

TurnLoader Material

Leaflet TurnLoader MD
Business case Shell gas station
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