88 million tonnes of food waste is generated annually in European stores - help us fight food waste!

EasyFill won the "Zu gut für die
Tonne" award!

In May 2020 German Lebensministerium announced EasyFill as the winner in the Retail category in the competition "Zu gut für die Tonne". The goal of the competition is to find ways to reduce food waste in the whole food chain; from production to the consumer.

Why is still one third of all food produced wasted when everyone agrees that food waste must decrease?

Food waste is a gigantic waste of resources.

What is the responsibility of the food chains?
How can innovative solutions contribute?
Do we need more stringent regulation and legislation?

By thinking new and innovative and engaging everyone from producer to consumer, climate impact can be reduced.

According to the UN’s global goals, food waste should be halved per person in the retail and consumer sectors and decrease along the entire food chain by 2030.

Many new initiatives are in progress, but is that enough? Is it going too slowly?
SLU, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences has produced recommendations that challenge old habits and “truths”.
Logistics and smart solutions in the stores can help increase efficiency and reduce food waste.

"Waste caused by out of date has reduced by around 40% for the dairy category, while at the same time sales is up around 5% and labour time to fill the products is down by at least 40%."

Malin Pettersson, Owner Ica Supermarket Bräcke, Sweden

EasyFills innovative products, RotoShelf and TurnLoader, contribute to reduced food waste since filling of goods is done according to the FIFO priciple from the back of the shelves.

Access to the back of the shelves is provided by rotating the entire shelf system and turning the backside towards the staff for refilling.
By refilling First in – first out, food waste on products with short dates, such as milk products, yoghurt and fresh juice is reduced by about 40%.

In addition, product handling is being streamlined, which means that the filling time decreases by about half, which frees up the staff’s time.

Stores can usually count on a sales increase of about 10-15% since the goods are always fronted thanks to gravity feed shelves.

All EasyFill products are patented and sales are via partners.

EasyFill currently has its own operations in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Slovakia, North- and South America as well as South Africa and partners in about 50 markets.

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