Reducing waste for dairy products

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We are happy to have made this investment for the dairy department as we saw the pay-off clearly within one year. Also both staff and customers are happy with the system.

Malin Pettersson, Owner Ica Supermarket Bräcke, Sweden

ICA grocer Malin Pettersson explaining why the EasyFill systems are so good

Article in the leading Swedish trade industry magazine ICA-nyheter:

Some numbers

EasyFill installed RotoShelf for our new dairy department and the results have been better than expected. However it did require some changes to the way we used to work, but considering the outcome we would gladly do it again.
Waste caused by out of date has reduced by around 40% for the dairy category, while at the same time sales is up around 5% and labour time to fill the products is down by at least 40%.

This means the result for the store is better and staff can spend more time helping our customers instead of dealing with products.

We can highly recommend this type of merchandising solution for any store

Malin & Stefan Petterson

Ica Supermarket Bräcke, Sweden

+46-073-805 23 81