TurnLoader™ Ambient

Ambient FIFO merchandising shelving innovaton

Truly innovative!

A market first FIFO system for products that are placed in Ambient temperatures

Using rotation the back of the shelves is accessed for stocking of products. This reduce food waste and is a massive time saver when filling.

Save around 40% of food waste and >50% of the time spent re-stocking products.

Like on all TurnLoader products the shelves can be adjusted in 0, 4, 8, 12 degrees so that various products can slide forward to keep a full product front att all times.

TurnLoader Ambient is highly suitable for all products in a store with a "best-before"-date.

Different heights can be made for specific projects.

Patent pending

Different widths

● 900mm
● 1000mm
● 1250mm

Turn the whole section to access the back of the shelves for filling products

Simply revolutionary! Turn it around to restock products!

TurnLoader Ambient

Free adjustable shelf height

The TurnLoader uses our free adjustable shelf setting system that allows for step free height adjustment of the shelves.

This gives the possibility to place the shelves very tight together and optimise the space usage in the cabinet as it is not nesecceary to be able to reach in to place products thanks to the shelf rotation.

An additional advantage is to possibility to set the shelf inclination in four steps; 0 – 4 – 8 – 12°
The benefit of this is that various products can be fronted automatically despite variations in friction

Setting shelf height using a simple allen key tool

Interested to test it?

Let us know if you are interested to give this a try - we can promise you a new experience and world class results! Free up time for staff from filling products to helping customers.

TurnLoader Ambient suits a large variety of products


TurnLoader Ambient suits a large variety of products


TurnLoader Ambient suits a large variety of products


TurnLoader Ambient suits a large variety of products


TurnLoader Ambient suits a large variety of products


Can you tell it is not standard shelves?


TurnLoader Ambient in sales position


Turn it around



These are some of the many benefits with TurnLoader

Reduction in food waste

By restocking products using the FIFO principle,
Out-Of-Date products are reduced

Increase sales

15-20% sales increase thanks to the use of
gravity feed the products are always fronted and
this gives a significant sales uplift compared to
standard flat shelves

>50% reduced refilling times

Thanks to filling from the back of the shelves, the
time spent for refilling is cut by half - or even more!

Improved customer satisfaction

Always a perfect product overview makes it easy

Shelf information

Below you can find information on the shelves that we offer for TurnLoader Ambient

We use our injection moulded plastic shelves with built in gliding characteristics as a base for the TurnLoader shelving. We use adjustable product dividers, transparent frontstopper and the possibility to use our own roller tracks and product pushers. We have the posibility to put ESL data strips to our shelves.

1250/450 shelf

1250/450 shelf


Below the accessories used for the shelves


Transparent frontstoppers

54, 113, 143 or 163mm heigh

Product dividers

Adjustable product dividers

Roller tracks

Rollers for products with high friction

Spring pusher

For light packages etc


Divider extender

Divider extender for high, unstable products
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